Guitar Hero II Freakin' ROCKS

Location: My Living Room

Alright, I'm just going to praise the most AWESOME game ever (awesome is apparently on Lake Superior State University's list of Banished Words). I love Guitar Hero II
, some of my friends don't get it though. They think that because I play the real guitar that there's no need for some Playschool toy version of a an audio sampler to mar my hands and soul. I must protest, hopefully not too much. The game gets your fingers moving in ways that can break your normal habits, hence enhancing your creativity when you pick up your six stringed battle axe (is that even legal terminology for a guitar?). Plus your observational skills are really put to the test, when all the note triggers come up you'd better be paying attention (or I suppose alternatively you could memorize how the song goes) either way a mental work out, that can help you with not only playing an actual instrument, but also your LIFE!

Oh, also I drove all the way to Montgomery, AL and back to ABQ with my friend Tim in about 4 days.

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All Across the Universe

Location: Somewhere Outside of Littlerock

1600 Miles away from ABQ and back. I'm traveling with Tim and a Nissan Altima full of my stuff. Why do I have so much stuff? Does anybody want some STUFF?

On the way out to Montgomery, Tim and I were fortunate enough to stay with my Uncle and Aunt in Plano. THANKS! It was a blast seeing my cousins before my mother's wedding. I can't wait to see them all again. So far Tim and I have had fun scanning the radio stations to see what's interesting to people in the region. Most people like radio stations that drop the "J-bomb". You know... like the son of god. Our favorite city so far is: Demopolis. Which has a sign outside reading: City of the People. Maybe it's just our nerdy knowledge of Greek that makes it so hilarious, maybe it's that fact that we've been on the road for about 3 days straight and we're delirious. Either way, Demopolis is hilarious. Last night we packed up the car and got the hell out of Alabama. (Excuse the language, but it's for a set up.) Speaking of hell, as we left Montgomery, Tim and I saw my favorite bill board. In big red letters it reads: Go to CHURCH or the DEVIL will get you. Man I'm gonna miss that place...

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Travel and Gadgets

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Okay, so after 3 plane rides, one lost bag of luggage a week in Vermont I'm back in ABQ.

Cool extensions for Firefox: Cooliris. This is one of the most fantastic web browsing tools I've ever used. Check it out if you're a Firefox user. If you're not, get FireFox!

OKay so that's a very brief update.

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Moving Around

Location: Streets of Montpelier

As I type I'm in a
car driving downtown in Montpelier. The day was great. Everybody did
wonderful work. We just finished hanging out at the Culinary
Institute's Bar. Will thought he was being attacked by some coyotes
last night so I moved my tent close to his. Okay I think we're out of


Location: Some Rural Road Heading Into Montpelier

Alright, it's around lunchtime now. It's a rainy day. And now I'm
eating a PB&J with some hot chocolate checking my e-mail at the
Langdon street Cafe. Onward on this wet wonderful afternoon.


Bears, Dogs, and Smoothies

Location: Capital Grounds Montpelier, Vermont

Well, we've entered day two, or three of the workshop. Will had an early morning encounter with a bear yesterday. We think it was a black bear. Of course some people just don't think he saw a bear. Last night some people heard deer. They didn't herd deer but they were heard... So in addition to the 7 people taking the workshop we've also got 3 dogs. Bear, Wesley and Moxy. Right now, as I'm writing this, I'm sitting with a smoothie at Capital Grounds, waiting for my internet connection to work. Okay, I think I got a line... or a wireless line. Wait no, okay. So here's the Mac advertisement: there's 4 of us attempting to connect to the internet in the cafe right now and only the guy with Mac has any kind of connection. And the router reset seems have done nothing.... oh well. I'll post this later with whatever other update I'll have!

Location: Capital Plaza Hotel

Okay, so now I have a solid internet connection... and it only took a day! This morning a group of us sat at a Buddhist Temple and now we're out down town. There were some cute bunnies in the forest :) Or... graceful rabbits... or furry forest creatures poking about. Last night something was in the woods... who knows what? Will's on the phone right now talking about how much space he takes up. Just had some delicious Chinese food. I'd better post this before my connection goes out!

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Pictures, Dogs, and Trees

I've posted some pictures of Staunton and my recent woodsy travels in Vermont. The past couple of days have been very mellow and relaxing. I don't think I've stayed in a tent since Highschool so some fond memories are popping up. Beans and canned creamed corn. YUM! The Kest workshop starts later today, so we'll see how often the updates happen. Pictures speak louder than words this time: Photo Album

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