Happy New Year, Again!

Location: Back from the Villiage


Check 'em out.

I stayed in Seoul for this 5 day Chinese New Year Weekend. The city has been virtually empty this week. Everyone has gone to the country side, or skiing, or to visit family and the city was practically closed for most of the week.

Some of the other teachers and I went to Namsan Tower. This structure resembles the Space Needle to some degree and is located right in the middle of Seoul. There is a revolving restaurant and you can see the enter city from up top.

After we left the tower we found ourselves in the "Traditional Korean Villiage". There were many games being played. Some resembling hop-scotch and hacky-sack. The dances are beautiful and reminded me of some of the Indian Pueblo dances back in Albuquerque. Probably because of the drums :)

The next day I simply rested.

Friday I went to the National Museum and had a wonderful experience. I don't know what dance was going on, but the performers used gigantic drums and the space itself is humongous. Beautiful.

Today I joined a photography group. I found myself back at the "Traditional Korean Village" and took some more photos. The highlight was eating a Korean pancake called: buchimgae (부 침개 sp?) and drinking makoli.

Later I think I may go to a sauna. Other than that I've been playing a lot of Magic Online and enjoying life.

Enjoy the pictures and may you have a productive Year of the Rat :D

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