It's Been A While

Location: My Sanctuary

Since my last entry I've been to: Alabama,Ohio, NYC, DC, Arkansas and have settled in nicely with my brother in Albuquerque. During that time it was wonderful to pay some much needed visits to friend and family. Thanks to Airtran and Kayak for making much of that traveling possible. A big thank you to Denise, the Jeters, Louis and Ji-Hae and of course my Grandparents in Arkansas.

Being back in NM has been... enchanting. My brother and I are making great strides in turning the house into amazing, functional, technologically updated Bachelor Pad.

There was some very sad news concerning a good friend of mine John-Wolfie Smeltzer. My love goes out to his family, especially Mera.

In other news it's been a mostly warm welcome here in Albuquerque. Between my family, green chile, the temperature, art openings, graduations and a Wii Tea Party, it's been envigorating and relaxing.

Grandma is coming tomorrow and Daniel and I have a big delicious dinner planned. He and I have been having a ton of fun together: cooking, playing video games and working on the house.

I can't wait to go to LA!