Bowling, Books and Bangs

The last few weeks have been very tumultuous.

Ambivalent news first: There's a new 'director' in town. And after some initial misgivings things are working out fine.

Good news follows: I've scored the highest bowling score of my life. A strikingly admirable score of 153. This time there were even witnesses. This beats my previous record of 143 and that time no one was around to witness my bowling prowess. I've also been introduced to a variety of "bangs" which is pronounced more like "bah-ng". There are PC Bangs where you play video games with your friends there are norabangs where you rent a room with your friends and sing karaoke. That was a lot of fun. It made me long for my days playing Rock Band.

Teaching News:This week was my first official week teaching Kindergarten children. I have a class of 8 children. They are all very intelligent and energetic. I think we'll have a fun few months together. In Drama class the Theatre Troupe performed Shakespearian Sonnets. I was very proud of the 3 members. They are only in early middle school and they each memorized a Sonnet and performed them very well. Especially for being ESL. Right now we're making masks and will put on a show at the end of the month.

In other news I've taken up gardening. Kind of. I bought a plant and it's first blossom bloomed earlier this week. It's exciting to have something like to attend to. Also, a new teacher came to town last week and it turns out we have a mutual acquaintance in Alabama. Small world!

PS I've uploaded some more pictures.