What a deal!

Location: Back from the Banks of the Han River

Hi Everyone! This week was a snow filled winter wonderland of goodness. Not to be confused with goddesses. Although, that would be good. Maybe some day soon. The city was cold and white earlier this week but today it's cold and Sunny! Hooray.

Yesterday I went to Namdemum (I think I'm spelling that wrong) and bought a "Prada" bag for about 30 bucks. I still think I probably got ripped off. :) I also bought a new pair of glasses and then went to the local Spa for some relaxation and a Haircut. I LOVE SEOUL! Today I walked near the river and took some pictures. Enjoy!

Sidenote: Can we bring back the interrobang? Or maybe invent some new punctuation? Or make it academically sound to use smiley's in our writings? :D

Speaking of academically sound a former teaching colleague of mine posed these questions:

1. What do you think is the most important thing to know to be (fill in the blank--successful, happy, a good citizen, etc)?
2. What do you think is the most important thing to be able to do in order to be (fill in the blank--successful, happy, a good citizen, etc)?

Any thoughts? From anyone? I think I'll take a cue and withhold my answers until I hear from a few others so I don't "taint" the data.

Speaking of tainted, does anyone know Shakespeare's Sonnet XIX? Some of the students I'm teaching are working on it. Any other favorites?

Since I'm asking so many questions... there's a five day break coming up next week. What should I do? So many options... maybe travel... maybe relax, maybe read maybe... I don't know.

The must read article of the week that was already outdated by the time I found it: http://www.wired.com/entertainment/music/magazine/16-01/ff_byrne

Till next week...


Stuck on Sticky Stuff

Locale: Jazztastic


What's happened lately? Well, I'm teaching Speech and Debate right now. And what a great time to be teaching it. It's almost the celebration of the birth of one of the greatest speakers to ever grace the earth with his presence: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Also, I bought some stickers to decorate my kitchen and bathroom with. And some sticky insulation to put on my door and keep the wind out!

Things have settled down from the initial buzz of arriving in a foreign country. The school schedule is relatively calm. I can get groceries on a regular basis. So I'm not worried about eating or any of the essential aspects of life. The Chinese New Year is coming in a couple of weeks so I'm thinking about traveling somewhere. Maybe to North Korea. One of the other teachers is interested in that. Or maybe I'll just relax and sleep... :)

The weather's been kind of cold lately. It snowed last week. Other than that it's been pretty uneventful here. Maybe next time I'll have more adventures to report on.

Hey! Did you ever watch Fairy Tale Theatre on PBS? Goolge Video has a great selection of the program if you're interested. Also, Juno is a good movie, although not as great as I wanted it to be. Time to put more stickers on the wall!

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I've Got Seoul But I'm Not A Soldier

Location: Out of the Cold and into Hagen Daz

It's almost 2008! I have a webcam. I'm tired. Been eating some pizza from Mr. Hand. I mean Pizzahand. But just imagine a big hand walking around in a suit. That's Mr. Hand. Teaching is going, well, very well. SFS, SIS and soon the "regular" classes will start up again. If you check out the photo album you'll see some pictures of me at Christmas with my new Korean family. Saw the Golden Compass. It's good. Oh, the kids are starting to write their own play. Good group. Chris bought a computer and I helped him. Grocery shopping, delicious food.

So that's the stream of consciousness-exhausted-portion of the entry.

Days later....

I LOVE skype. I've been able to talk face to face with my family and a friend or two. Invaluable in this world away from the world I know.
We have a performance tomorrow called: Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow. The class has created a short play/presentation about The Joy of Now, the Sadness of the Past and Hope for Tomorrow. Or anyway that's kind of an explanation for the performance.

Regina Spektor is a delight, if you can take it.

So, Seoul far Seoul Good. And no I will never, ever run out of puns involving the word Seoul.

Oh, and It's 2008 now! Happy New Year to everyone!

I learned how to make Curry from Mr. Lee the other day. I was planning on going to the grocery store and it ended up being an adventure in making curry. Then I set up a photo printer for Mrs. Kim!

Seoulong, until next time.

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