Virginia to Vermont

Well, it took about an evening and a night... and a morning of NON-stop driving. But we made it! Denise and Wesley and I went through let's see: Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York: 6 states. Before we made it into Vermont as the sun was coming up on Sunday morning.

I had driven us up to Albany and Denise drove the rest of the way. Wesley, didn't do any driving... :) My first sight when I woke up was the fog coming up over the mountains in Vermont. We drove to some park, that to my New Mexico eyes resembled something like a mountain and met up with Robert Kest and his dog Bear. To which one of our morning hiking companions exclaimed: Bear?! But it's a dog... Later that day Robert and I set up a tent behind the barn of his mountain home. Which, again, this whole area is something foreign to my desert palate, was so green and moist that I was in forest-shock. I went out today on one of the trails and took some pictures which I'll post either this week or next week. People start arriving tomorrow for the week long workshop led by Robert. Can't wait!

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