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Okay so this is like a mini-blog post that I started a while ago but didn't flesh out. Here it is anyway.

Fanfare! and the Sansa TakeTV. This is an interesting idea that allows you to utilize a usb memory key style device and upload video content to it then watch it directly on a tv screen. Of course with things like Hulu
coming out and full line ups of TV programs on the ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX sites it doesn't seem like a necessary gadget. Of course Gadgets rarely are. Right Inspector?

Really expensive Fish & Chips! Okay, if you have to go restaurants that don't serve anything under $8 try this one. Here's their menu.

The Free Way!

Why Opensourceshakespeare Rocks. For those of you who don't know, I'm sometime a Shakespeare nerd. This site is one of the best, if not THE best on the net for searching through the Bard's brilliance.

And Don't Forget to NOT reserve your copy of: Guitar Hero III. Yeah, that's right. The game is lame. If you liked playing Guitar Hero II you probably own it and well get as much satisfaction out of that as if you bought the new game. Which is lame. Save your money for Rock Band. Now, this game is going to be awesome. I like to think of it as Karaoke Band-in-a-Box. Reserve your copy of this mega-gaming-goodness NOW.

Download the internet!

Extremely nerdy. Which is why I laughed when I saw it.


Twin Poles!

Location: Work and Elephant Walk with Liz Taylor

In case you don't know about one of the coolest/strangest/best potential political plot lines ever. Get on over to this story and learn a little bit about these kooky twins. Where we have the continuing Saga of Poland's President and Prime Minister. 2 men who could easily switch jobs and no one would ever know. Why? Because they are twins. Hey Shakespeare!

S: What?

Are you busy?

S: Kinda...


S: Cause I'm dead but people think they've found out what I really look like!

Awesome... so if you were a playwright (wink) and you wanted to write about these two Poles what kinda play would it turn out to be? A comedy a tragedy? A romance perhaps.

In other new: Don't you LOVE Jack Handy?


Blah, Blah, Blog

Location: The Outskirts of Kid Nation

It's a lonely desolate Kid Infested Nation on the couch tonight. It's Election night! Who's going to stay on the council and who's going to be voted off? Who gets the Gold Star? Oh, they just told me... awesome. Which is one of those banned words.

I don't know if this is still relevant or not, but it seems like a good idea:
Passionatley pink Flickr Pool.

I met with Azra earlier today to work on a film/digi-vid she's working on for a production class. It's about a relationship destroyed by drunkenness and miscommunication. Just like why our relationship with Iran is running afoul. Lay off the sauce Bush and Ahmadi-Nejad. Great now the Secret Service is checking out my blog. Well, NOW they are. Speaking of which some of you might be interested in Henry Kissenger. Or maybe not. Maybe you're more interested in why Windows XP's built in Wireless Zero Configuration service pretty much... hmmm... how to put this politely: Destroys Any Semblance of maintaining a Consistent and Reliable Wireless connection. Use your wireless adapter's, or built in wireless adapter's configuration utility and you will enjoy uninterrupted wireless access. Okay, that's enough abuse of the blogging pulpit. What was I talking about? Oh, yeah that's right. The 6 Degrees of Separation. Not the Kevin Bacon Game. The Game where you find out in Albuquerque that every (Kid Nation just ended. Show me the previews for next week!) one you see is removed from you somehow by at MOST 6 other people. This rule is proven to me on an almost daily basis now. Hooray!

Did I mention I'm moving to Korea?

Hey Folks! Don't forget to check out the blogs that I've linked to:

My Good Friend and Mentor Scot Key's: 'Burque Babble
And my Crazy Friend and Nemesis Hung Truong's solipsistic: Hung Truong: The Blog

Well, HELL's Kitchen is on right now. Which reminds me: I'm Hungry. Time to get some real food. Not this TV Dinner fare...

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Reconnecting with My Fomer Self

Location: Next to the Cat

Today was: Having fun with Jeff. Making movies, eating, and watching old videos that I made.
Earlier I made Potato and Leek soup and cake and had a fun lunch with mom and Daniel. So, it was an overall delicous day. Thanks to the people you commented on the Balloon Fiesta Album. The IBF is always an ocular treat.

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World Travels and More

Location: Mom's House

It's been a while and there's been a lot going on.

It's the International Balloon Fiesta this week and I can't wait to make it out there. Of course the Park and Ride Bus starts service at 4:30am and ends service at 7:30am. So it's early rising time. My brother and I are gonna head out there on Friday. And I will be taking plenty of pictures. I'll use my trusty Canon PowerShot A80, but I'll be thinking about using the new Cannon PowerShot M9 the whole time.

I've been spending much of the last week getting my dad's Pontiac Tempest in order. Now it's running great after a new alternator and ignition setup. Thanks to the guys at Tokyo Auto 6 on Central.

This week as also started some Fall type weather, which in my book, means making soup. Rachaelle and I made some great Soup a pistou a la Julia Child and I'll continue to Master the Art of French Cooking by Making some Potato and Leek soup later in the week.

Last night I went to the Coronado Center and had a great massage then spent some time with my father and watched the GOP Debate on MSNBC. Is it scary that the Republic nominee's seem to be... um... cooler and with more personality and personability than the Democrats? I guess I'll have to watch the next Democratic debate to see how that theory holds up.

Of course I might be watching the debate from Seoul at that point. That's right Seoul! The major development of the last month or so is that I'll be going to Seoul, South Korea and assuming a position at Starter's Academy as Drama Teacher for pre-schoolers. I'll be there for a year and can't wait to keep everyone updated on the adventure.

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