Location: Kansai International

Well it's been a fun trip to Japan and now it's time to go back to the US. Osaka was a fun, creative city. The fashion was amazing and I was awed by the bike traffic. I spent some time by the Yodo river one day, had some excellent sushi and delicious udong. On Tuesday I took a train to Kyoto and met up with Denise (Reiko) and the group she was traveling with. They had just come from taking the Buddhist precepts at Hokyoji Monastary and had spent a week in shesshin, an intense practice session based on the monastic schedule. The leader of group, Tahaiku, was gracious enough to let me go on pilgrimage to the temples of Kyoto with the group. At one of our meals I found out that the group had a very powerful experience. In the 700 year history of the Monastary they were the only foreigners to take the precepts at the Monastary.

I have some more pictures up in my web album.

Now I am waiting at Kansai International to board my flight back to the US.

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